Web Design

Should I Create or Redesign My Website?

As time moves forward, technology requires new designs for a webpage to be both functional and beautiful. Loading times, layouts, intuitive navigation, and how a page looks are a few reasons for a redesign. All of these can make or break acquiring a new customer. If your old website is noisy, cluttered, or out of date, then a redesign is in order. Your webpage should serve two purposes: building trust in your brand and generating sales.

In this article we will answer a few questions and list the things to consider in the creation or redesign of your webpage.

What Should I Consider When Building My Website?

When creating or building a website there are several factors to consider. Remember, you are trying to communicate, engage, and ultimately sell a product or a service. Your design should make this process easier.

Things to Consider

  • Branding: Your website reflects who you are and what you offer. Everything from your logo, information, and layout should convey what you want to be known for.
  • Content Marketing Strategy: This is everything from your logo, the colors you choose, and the way information builds. Special events advertising, the emotions, and thoughts you convey, all play a part.
  • Search Rankings: When a site is being built, there are certain words and pieces of information that should be entered. These will raise your rankings in search engines such as Google, putting you closer to the top in results. This is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Mobile Devices: Most searches are done through tablets and phones. You want to make sure your site looks good on them.
  • Checkout Process: Making it easy to find and execute will generate sales.
  • Maintenance: You want a modern, updated site that does not require a lot of fixes.
  • Competition: If your competitors look better online, they look better to potential customers. Look at what they are doing and incorporate the best or do it better.
  • Lead Generation: If you want to be able to see what pages are generating the most traffic as well as track individual users to generate targeted advertising.
  • Website Security: This is a big one, because small businesses do not think they are on the radar for cybercrime, and cyber criminals know this! See our article at SynchroNet.net.

What if I Like My Old Design?

It is not necessary to throw out the ideas you like. It is more about incorporating them into an updated format that is more pleasing to the eyes and mind, while working across formats.
Keeping important content that works is the goal. Simple is better. That may mean moving some content to another page that is easy to find. Long, detailed explanations should not clutter up your homepage.

Who Are Your Web Design Services For?

Conscientious people who recognize that a clean, intuitive layout will go a long way for building their brand. Clients who will engage in the planning of their vision and listen to feedback, as well as update us as soon as possible about any revisions.
If you want a website but are unwilling to take the time to make sure it is done to your liking, then we are not for you. It is an investment to create your brand. If you enter it half-heartedly then you will not get the results in the time you desire.

What Are the Benefits of a Web Redesign?

  • The Focused Presentation of a Service or Services
  • Branding
  • Accessible, easy to find information
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • An uptick in customer engagement
  • Sales

As you can see, there are many benefits to modern web design. Whether you have an old website that needs updating, or are creating a new one, Sanity Systems will help you design a beautiful, functional webpage for your brand. Click on the calendar to schedule a free consultation.