Sales Gypsy

The Sales Gypsy is a podcast started by our fearless leader, Jesse Harwell. Jesse had a vision (not an apocalyptic one) to engage leaders in the worlds of tech and sales in conversation. Along the way he met some big personalities and ultimately decided, “Why not?”

Jesse is a busy man, but do not mistake his busy-ness as frivolous. On the contrary, he is always creating something new or forming plans to do so. A successful man on many fronts, he has an unwavering desire to see his ideas come into reality.

He owned a copier business, created a tool for sales reps in the industry, buys and flips properties as well as being a landlord, and started Sanity Systems. I tell you, he is in his prime. This is what peak manhood looks like. You can tell by the shirts he dares to wear in public. I’m kidding, I’m kidding. We actually admire his tenacity and fashion choices.

Ever the restless wanderer and innovator, he took his van and travelled across the country, recruiting people to interview for the Sales Gypsy. So check out the podcast to hear the thoughts of giants in the tech industry. And Dom Nati.