Special Event Ad Campaigns

Why Special Event Advertising?

Special Event Advertising is used to capitalize on times that people will want to spend more money than usual. Different special events have positives and negatives, based on the services you offer. If you have a service that can be tied into something like Valentine’s Day, or anniversaries, then great. But not everyone does. Obviously, Christmas is a big event for consumers and businesses, but so is the competition during this time.

One special event we always recommend is birthdays. Someone is having a birthday every day, so the chances of your ad bringing in sales increases.

What Kind of Ads Should I Run?

Discounts, freebies, or other special offers are the primary ads that we deal with. That means if you are offering 10% off for someone’s birthday, you need to be able to honor that. If it is a coupon code, or some other way, your system must be set up to fulfill the promise.

How Long Should My Ad Campaign Be?

If you are advertising for a holiday, we recommend that you run ads from a week or two out, up and until the day of the holiday. This allows people to buy gifts and allows those late shoppers to see your ads in time to rush to your door. For anniversaries, we recommend weekly or daily ads that are good for a period after the ad has run. For birthdays, we believe they should be run daily, all year. Birthdays are a great way to bring in new long-term customers with a small incentive aimed at them.

Is It Worth It to Advertise?

In today’s world of social media, it is not very expensive to advertise. The real issue to focus on is your ROI, which stands for Return on Investment. Advertising on social media is relatively cheap, and the clients gained should easily make it worthwhile.

What If I Already Post on My Social Media?

Posting on your social media page is not advertising. It is nothing more than updating people who already liked your page. They already know who are. True advertising involves creating something that will be seen by people who have not tried your services or may not even know you exist. It widens your customer base.

If you would like a free consultation to see if Special Event Advertising on social media is right for you, click on the calendar to schedule.