Do I Need to Hire an Editor?

That depends on the project(s) you are working on, and the writer’s skill. If you are creating several articles or blog entries a month, white papers, or other special content, then having an editor is a good idea.

Having another set of eyes look at your work has benefits. They can find spelling mistakes, formatting issues, eliminate unnecessary words, and spot ideas that may strike the reader differently than you intended.

The goal of an editor is too clean up a text and make it clear, while highlighting structure that will affect a reader’s engagement.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring an Editor?

The primary benefit is that it allows your content creators to write, without getting bogged down in revisions. It allows them to write fresh, instead of having to rehash every line of text. The secondary benefit is that the editor is re-reading the material from a reader’s AND a writer’s perspective. Corrections are made to accommodate both.

Who Are Your Editing Services For?

If you are publishing regular online content, articles, white papers, etc., we can do the editing. All it would require on your end is a willingness to answer questions periodically if something in the text is not clear. Personal accountability would require being open to changes made and suggestions that would increase SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

If you are working on a book or short stories to be published online, we may be able to help. This would depend on the size of the project and expectations for when it would be done. A larger project like that would potentially hinder our servicing other clients, so we would be both hesitant and open. It would have to be done piecemeal, probably one chapter at a time.

Ultimately, editing is a form of quality control. If you are interested in our editing services, schedule a free consultation by clicking the calendar below.